Felix Fund

The Felix Fund is a registered charity (1142494) which exists to support any military personnel who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Bomb Disposal) duties, and their families.

This includes ammunition technical Officers, ammunition technicians, ECM operators, drivers, infantry escorts, weapons intelligence specialists, dog handlers, searchers or any other military personnel involved in EOD duties.

We have three main ways of helping:

Mental health support
In the first years of its existence Felix Fund provided normalisation breaks for over 100 EOD teams on their return from Afghanistan. These breaks consisted of a week’s adventure training plus the opportunity to regroup with colleagues (as teams were brought back together after their tours were completed) and they proved vital in reducing the risk of poor mental health among individuals in these teams. Today we continue to focus on mental health issues and have launched a new welfare programme providing training in mindfulness techniques. Known as the Dashboard Courses: We know what to do when a light comes on the dashboard of our car, but we are not taught to recognise the warning signs in ourselves. The Dashboard Courses will give you the skills and understanding to get the most out of your ‘vehicle’ in life.

Financial support to individuals
Felix Fund provides financial assistance to serving and ex-serving soldiers plus family members when they find themselves in times of need. This has ranged from helping with transport costs for regular hospital visits with a sick child, help with a large funeral bill and funding towards a flight home for a soldier whose father was dying. Financial support has been given to help the injured through home adaptations, for example the installation of a lift for a multiple amputee, funding for a specially adapted vehicle and the purchase of specialist equipment, such as electric wheelchairs and bespoke sporting equipment. Other examples include a wheelchair for the wife of a serving soldier as she suffers from MS and could not go out with her young family. An adapted buggy for the son of a soldier who was born with severe disabilities and funding towards pioneering surgery for a soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan, which will enable him to walk with prosthetics.

Grants to units
We provide limited grants to units to enable them to engage in adventure training activities, which is hugely beneficial in reducing work related stress and enabling greater team bonding. Also we have helped units refurbish on-camp welfare facilities in order to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for individuals to spend time away from work and singles accommodation.

Further information can be found at www.felixfund.org.uk

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